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“I like bossy girls. I always have. I like people filled with life.”
- Amy Poehler
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Kyli WallsKyli Walls
Hello! I am 19 and a student in Bloomington, Indiana. I love creating things and making people laugh.
Katherine LewistonKatherine Lewiston
Katherine is a graduate of St. Olaf College and is on her way to becoming a real music teacher! She is interested in international teaching, travel, crafting and DIY, social activism, and cats. She is currently traveling through India for the month of November, and blogs about it at She is thrilled to be Smart Girls' Featured Blogger for the month of November!
David HookDavid Hook
David Hook is an artist and writer from Austin, Tx. He's a professional dabbler, and collector of hobbies. If you'd like to share something about your life, he'd love to hear all about it! Seriously, he really would. Use these links! email/ twitter.

smart girls