Getting My Hair Wet


I am shy and small and insignificant.  Or so I thought, entering my junior year of high school and freshman year of college at the same time. Partially homeschooled my entire life, I had never stepped foot in a “real” school up until that point. I had plenty of friends and participated in sports and […]


Rev. Colvin wraps Christmas gifts using handmade wrapping paper purchased at a local craft shop demonstrating Kwanzaa principle Cooperative Economics.

This time of year, there are endless celebrations that honor various cultures, traditions and belief systems.  Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays noted by gift exchanges, quality time spent with friends and family,  giving thanks and giving back.  What’s a Smart Girl to do once the Christmas parties are over and the […]

Smartists: Lisa Marie Basile


Part of being authentically you and authentically a Smart Girl lies in being able to rise above difficult circumstances and find passion and success. No one exemplifies that spirit more than our newest Smartist, poet Lisa Marie Basile. After a challenging childhood, Basile is “shaking up the world of words” according to one New York Daily News article, with her […]

I’m Bored!


When I was younger, I was constantly uttering “I’m bored” — whether audibly or under my breath. It usually occurred in the lulls of summer break or in the outings with family friends who didn’t have kids my age to talk to. In public, my mom would do her best to ignore me or tell […]

B is for Boredom


“I’m bored.” That’s what we say when we are stuck with nothing to do. We think that boredom is about how uninteresting the world can be. But, that really won’t work when we stop and think about it. To be bored means that we are waiting for the world to come and entertain us. It means […]