C is for Compassion

C is for Compassion

Compassion is not easy. It’s demanding. It is more than pity or feeling sorry for somebody else. “Walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes.” That sounds good, but it doesn’t sound quite like compassion, especially if they are really nice shoes that fit us too. When we say that we know how somebody else feels….well, most […]

B is for Boredom


“I’m bored.” That’s what we say when we are stuck with nothing to do. We think that boredom is about how uninteresting the world can be. But, that really won’t work when we stop and think about it. To be bored means that we are waiting for the world to come and entertain us. It means […]

Giving Back


I was fortunate to grow up in a family where giving back to others was part of how we saw the world. My dad is an Episcopal priest and my mom has had the harder job of being the spouse of an Episcopal priest. Together, they were humanitarians and activists. Mom volunteered with gravely ill […]