Bringing together their unique talents, Meredith Walker, Amy Miles, and Amy Poehler created the web series “Smart Girls at the Party”. The Smart Girls series has won a Webby Award and has been recognized by SXSWEducation and Common Sense Media for its inspiring content. However, Poehler and Walker were not content with merely creating empowering shows for young women, they wanted to create a community as well.

A Smart Girls at the Party website was born. Amysmartgirls.com provides a hub for teens, parents, teachers and fans of all ages to learn, to become a part of the greater Smart Girl community, and to participate in Smart Girl projects. The website has grown and evolved toward online campaigns to engage followers in volunteerism, civic activism, cultural exchange, and self-expression through the arts.

From here, Smart Girls has partnered with the well established non-profit Creative Action to form the Smart Girls/Creative Action Summer Camp. The camp, for girls ages 14-18, seems like a diverse group of girls just hanging out together, when in reality each activity is research based and designed to teach about relational aggression, critical thinking, social justice or one’s own ability to create change for good. The feedback from the campers and their caregivers has been overwhelming. The goal is to offer the camp in many cities in order to give this opportunity to as many girls as possible. In other ongoing field work, Ms. Walker gives workshops in schools, and talks at conferences nationwide to deliver the Smart Girls message.

Positive spaces like the one Smart Girls provides are much needed. Smart Girls at the Party serves as a fun and insightful resource that champions young women, letting them know that their best option is to be themselves.


Here at Smart Girls, we believe that the cultivation of the authentic self is very important. We also believe that guidance is helpful as we try to find our way to ourselves. We hope to be of help in the exploration and discovery process.

This is where you might learn about something you would like to experience. You might learn about a woman you’d like to emulate. You might learn a new perspective or an unfamiliar custom or a new way to talk to yourself about something.

It is our hope that you will learn more about your truest self.