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“Sometimes things just pile up and you feel overwhelmed…[but] when things start coming at you just take them one at a time.”
- Amy Poehler
smart girls

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Alex KukoffAlex Kukoff
Alexandra Kukoff is a half-deaf, 15-year-old who is attending high school and college simultaneously, working towards her Associates Degree in Women's History. Her work to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities has been profiled by ABC, Johns Hopkins, and Hearing Health Magazine, and Kukoff herself has written for numerous publications, including Seventeen Magazine, Scholastic, and Lean In. One of her Lean In articles is required reading in a Sociology of Gender course at the college Kukoff attends.
Kate PeoplesKate Peoples
Kate is a social work student, advocate for recovery, and writer in Austin, Texas. When she’s not busy petting every cat she sees, her hobbies include being that person who claims they knew a band before they were big and eating breakfast tacos. You can find her blog, about life in recovery from an eating disorder, here. Feel free to drop her a line on Twitter or email her directly.
Laura LaVareLaura LaVare
Lauren LaVare is a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Malawi working on issues of gender violence in schools and communities She has a passion for iced coffee, mud hut saunas, Lucille Ball type misunderstandings, and joyfully chasing children with her village dog Elizabeth Lemon. You can follow her blog at or tweet it up at @LaurLaVare!
Camila GalazCamila Galaz
Camila Galaz is an artist and writer from Melbourne, Australia, who likes spending time in Los Angeles. She has written for Voiceworks, Fragmented, Milk Bar Mag, Threethousand, Buzzcuts, and hosted a radio show called Let's Art on Radio Valerie. You can follow her on twitter @c_galaz and at her website

smart girls